Issue # 4

March 2022

Featuring contemporary poetry, prose and artwork from around the world by Amy Bassin, Mark Blickley, Ana Fores-Tamayo, Bill Sells, Bill Stenson, Brianne Sommerville, Bruce Parker, Carolyn McGrath, Casey Burchby, Cat Dixon, Chad Norman, Christian Ward, Christine Emmert, Daniel Katz, Gale Acuff, Glenn Ingersoll, Ivan de Monbrison, Jane Costain, J. Weintraub, KB Nelson, Ruby Van Bendegem, LindaAnn LoSchiavo, Lindsey Morrison Grant, LY Jimenez, Marianne Brems, Matt Hsu, Mick Donaldson, Milton P Ehrlich, Richard Corney, Sally Zakariya, Stef Rozitis and Vanessa Maderer.

Available to buy from Amazon as an 88 page US Letter size paperback priced at £7.99

Alao available to download as an ebook in Portable Document (.pdf) Format from our Ko-fi Shop for £3.99

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