Please note, we are not a vanity publisher, so will never ask you for money. Nor do we guarantee publication, unless we are confident you can supply a full, complete work of publishable quality. You must be prepared to accept constructive criticism and to take editorial advice.

We enjoy writing and art that demonstrate craft, wit and intelligence and which possess muscle. Don’t tell us how wonderful love is, or about the pretty flowers and butterflies. Equally, don’t burden us with your existential angst. Tell us something we don’t already know. Or, at least, tell us in a way we haven’t heard before.

(Suggestion: read the article Our Top 10 Editing Tips at our sister site.)

By submitting to us, you are declaring that you are the sole author of your work to which you hold full rights. As well as plagiarism, we also do not tolerate gratuitous sex, violence, discriminatory representations of BAME and LBQT+ communities and slanderous allegations.

We are not averse to simultaneous submissions. (Let’s be honest, everybody still does it regardless.) But please extend us the basic courtesy of letting us know if your piece is accepted elsewhere.

Poetry can be anything between a 1 line epithet and a sequence of epic verse (short of the Iliad) and everything between. Send us one brilliant poem, or a clutch to choose from, or a short themed collection.

Fiction can be micro or flash, a short story, a novella strong enough to be serialised, or a standalone extract from a novel.

Prose can be (auto)biography, a review, or an article, tutorial or ‘think piece’ of interest to writers.

Submit as a Word compatible document with single spaced lines, titles in bold and a clear page break between items. Preferred fonts are Verdana 12pt for titles and Georgia 10pt for body text.

Artwork can be full colour, greyscale and black & white graphics, illustrations, photographs, cartoons and comic strips that will fit within a US Letter sized page (8.5”X11”).

Submit as a print quality jpeg of at least 300dpi.

No covering details required. We take no account of your personal history or previous publications. All we are interested in is your submission. So please check it carefully before sending, as basic errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation and layout may spoil your chance of being published.

We aim to reply to all submissions in a timely manner. Initially, we will let you know if you have been accepted, shortlisted, longlisted or declined, before making our final decisions after each quarter’s deadline.

We may accept your submission, subject to certain edit suggestions, which are open to further negotiation and which you can refuse.

If accepted, you grant us permission to feature your material in CERASUS Magazine and to sell it in one featured edition throughout the world. You still retain full rights to your work.

At the moment, we have no budget for cash payments. Each contributor will receive a complimentary PDF of the Magazine in which they are featured and the opportunity to buy a paperback copy at an exclusive discounted price.

Publication months are April, July, October and January. Our rolling submission deadlines close on 15th March, 15th June, 15th September and 15th December.

All submissions and enquiries should be sent to:

We regret we do not offer feedback or enter into correspondence on our decisions. If we decline your work, it is not necessarily a reflection on your ability and you should not be deterred from submitting to us again, or to another publisher who may be more sympathetic to your work.

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